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Welcome to Our Breed...

Our puppies are produced from healthy, tested, and titled parents who, themselves, are the results of generations of careful selection. Our dogs not only display a natural defense for their handlers and families; but also stability, a willingness to please, and an undying drive to learn, work, and train. All of our dogs are FCI pedigreed and registered.

Health, Intelligence, and Versatility is our goal.

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Belgian Malinois

The Original Super Dog!

Physical Appearance: The Belgian Shepherd is a mediolineal dog, harmoniously proportioned, combining elegance and power. It is a rustic breed of medium size with dry, strong muscle. This dog is used to the open-air life and built to resist the frequent atmospheric variations of the Belgian climate. Through the harmony of its shape and its high head-carriage, the Belgian Shepherd offers the dignified and dependable strength which has become the heritage of the selected representatives of a working breed.

Color: Fawn, tan, to deep mahogany. Always with a black mask and ears, with black sometimes appearing along the legs.

Size: Ideally between 25 - 35 kilos in weight and a max of about 62cm to the withers. Individuals may be larger or smaller depending on the job they are selected for. 

Temperament: The Belgian Shepherd is a highly intelligent, watchful, and active dog, bursting with energy, and always ready to leap into action. in addition to its innate skill at guarding flocks, it also possesses the highly prized qualities of the best guard dog of property and person. Without hesitation, it is the keen and stubborn protector of its owner. It brings together the qualities necessary for a shepherd, guard, defense, and service dog. Its lively, alert temperament and its confident nature, showing no fear or aggressiveness, should be obvious in its body stance and the proud attentive expression in its sparkling eyes.

Health: All of our dogs are issued from thoroughly health-tested and DNA registered parents. They are, themselves, sold clear of genetic maladies by parental filiation, and guaranteed against genetic and congenital defects. 

Maintenance: LOW to MEDIUM - This is a very hardy, rustic breed. Basic grooming, regular veterinary visits, and a high-quality meal are required. This breed tends to have a high metabolism, so it is advised that you pay close attention to their weight and feed accordingly.

Energy Level: HIGH

FCI Pedigreed: YES

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